Emotions (is It Just A State-Of-Mind?)


Emotion (the metaphoric heart) is a word that is very ambiguous in the coascious (collective) consciousness (coagulum) of the-World; a language, or tongue, familiar to the-selves.  My being noticed that, according to many people, emotions are integrated, or known to be one in the same with instincts.  In my objective computational comprehension, accompanied with my observational and scrutiny biological programs, just to mention a few, instincts are basically aggression, fear, curiosity, personalities and surprise – these are the bio-instincts that my being experiences straight from my bioconscious (the dimension of my Physical-/Soul-/Power-/Nature-Noumenon).  Emotions, however, are not there in my bio-experiences; and it’s not part of my mental auto-formation either: it doesn’t seem to exist in any of my other dimensional-noumena as the things-in-themselves.  So the only way to at least comprehend, if not understand, emotions in of themselves, is to come to a reasonable and logical conclusion that “emotions” are nothing more but a mental concept and idea that’s exclusively formed and actuated in a certain region (dimension) of the mind (i.e., the-Unconscious: a mental region of the-Mind that does not require an “automaton engine for automaton thought” to manipulate, decipher, process, calculate and determine emotional concepts/ideas):  The “metaphoric heart” (emotions) is then nothing more but an exclusive mental formation and actuation of a certain dimension of the-Mind (i.e., an exclusive disposition of the-Mind), but still, not a distinct capacity for all minds.  Hence the question remains for many as to whether “emotions” are just a state-of-mind, or are biological programs (instincts) of the human species?

Accordingly to the coascious consciousness (world’s coagulum) of the earth’s world, the mental concept of “emotion” entails the idea of agitation, anger, ardor, desire, despair, disturbance, ecstasy, empathy, happiness, sadness, love, hate, passion, pride, rage, satisfaction, sympathy and the inappropriate misconception of ‘affection:’  The reason that my being says that affection is inappropriate as an “emotion” is simply because it is not an emotion (a disposition of the-Mind); instead, it is purely a biological program (instincts)—one must understand that a disposition of the-Mind is not the same as a biological program:  For one, the-Mind and the-Brain are not one in the same even though the-Mind is enhoused in the-Brain; however, the-Mind has the distinct mental capacity to separate itself from the-Brain itself—thus the-Mind than becomes a phenomenon of the-Brain.  The-Mind has its own inborn distinct capacities, and so does the-Brain as well; the difference is that the distinct capacities of the-Mind are purely immaterial; in whereas, the distinct capacities of the-Brain are purely material—Emotions then are purely a mental conceptual actuation—a mental idea that most people live their lives in accordance with—a “subjective-reality” as opposed to an “objective-reality.”  Emotion(s) are nothing more but unaware constant activities within a region of the-Mind (i.e., the-Unconscious) that can either descriptively or dynamically affect its’ possessor—it is a region that requires no reflection, contemplation and discretion; hence, it is nothing more but the-Unconscious itself—the very thing that Freud was close to discover.  My being has noticed, in general, that in the world’s coagulum, the main pursuit of mankind is mostly to achieve and obtain joy and happiness; a language that is very foreign to my being:  My being does not understand that kind of pursuit; it doesn’t even understand the word ‘pursuit’ in of itself either—it is not part of my mental formation:  However, my ears can clearly still hear that language among the-selves that can still exert behavior, influence and understanding.  When you objectively observe instinctively the concept/idea of the “metaphorical heart,” you start to logically realize that emotions are not a necessity for survival—the animal species are doing just well without emotions, even without a mind even.  The only purpose, if that is what you may call it as a “purpose,” that emotion(s) have is that it provides for its possessor the license to be both illogical and irrational—it cannot and will not serve any other purpose except for one more thing, the so-called “purpose” of mental euphoria experiences that “love” produces for its possessor—something that can be addictive to help a person to temporarily forget the world, and even “love” a destructive person as well:  Emotions are purely idealistic, a mental actuation developed within the-Mind that is passed on from external sources—there is no single ounce of reason within emotions even though to a-self, it may seem to be so: but emotions are purely irrational (irrational in the sense of being the opposite of rationale, and not in a destructive sense), an illogical and unconscious realm within the-Mind—it is something that is constantly just mentally actuating within the mental realm of the-Unconscious; it is without structure, without purpose, without conscious, without reason, without thoughts, without reflection and most imperatively, without awareness: something comprehended/described only after subjective personal interpretations are applied to them when they (emotions) come on out of that mental region of the-Unconscious (i.e., stimulated not from inactivity, but from descriptive or dynamical manifestations)—it is only then observed and recognized that The-Self tries to give rational and logical meaning to his/her own emotions, subjectively of course; but before the personal interpretations are ascribed and applied, emotions, as a thing-in-itself, is constantly active without awareness to them first.  But what exactly then is the difference between that of emotions (mental state-of-mind) and that of instincts (biological states)?  Can there be a precise demarcation between the two?  The following list(s) explains the differences between that of emotions, and that of instincts:


EMOTIONS (Phenomenal/Mental States)

01. Happiness/Sadness

02. Love

03. Hate/Anger

04. Desire/Lust

05. Anxious/Anxiety/Worrying

06. Jealousy/Envy

07. Interest

08. Satisfaction

09. Believe

10. Faith

11. Revenge

12. Devotion/Worship

13. Zeal/Enthusiasm

14. Greed

15. Passion/Obsession

16. Grudge

17. Infatuation

18. Incitement

19. Attachment

20. Character (aggregated emotional qualities/aspects)


INSTINCTS (Visceral/Somatic States)

01. Laughter/Tears

02. Curiosity/Exploration

03. Surprise

04. Attraction

05. Aggression

06. Pleasures

07. Fear

08. Gratification

09. Serve/Attend

10. Smile

11. Observe/Scrutiny

12. Affection

13. Humor

14. Personality

15. Sexual orientation

16. Melodious

17. Zest/Energetic

18. Complaisant

19. Excitement

20. Territorial


The etymology of the word “emotion” comes from the concept/idea of being somehow being displaced, or shattered, or even disrupted from within.  Enthusiasm too corresponds with the word emotion:  A word closely corresponsive with the idea of being inhabited by an entity/deity of prophesies:  While under the state of enthusiasm, the person emits behavior of emotions – this behavior, my being noticed, is considered very necessary to the world’s coagulum (social collective consciousness); without this behavior, people in general may consider a person lacking ‘interest’ in anything, and or life – this may be true to those formed within that language of the “metaphorical heart;” also the language of the self.  And my being also took notice that the word “emotion” is very corresponsive with the concept/idea of pretense; which may than strongly indicate that emotion cancels out emotion under the term of pretense.  My being also took notice that somehow, accordingly to many people, that “emotions” are feelings in the actual heart, and that such “metaphorical feelings” it is not of The-Mind; hence, there is the popular phenomena that you can always use your mind to control your feelings/emotions when they get out of hand [mind over the heart]:  The truth is, emotions are in The-Mind and not of the biological heart, it is not matter and neither is The-Mind; you would then have to use your mind against The-Mind itself in order to then control the uncontrolled mental “metaphorical heart” (emotion) that you may be experiencing:  Perhaps that’s the reason why emotions are so hard to control, because to do so would only entail that you’re using the same aspect/actuation against itself.  Once the understanding is there that emotions are just only a state-of-mind, maybe it would be easier for a-self to somewhat “regulate” it.  To have emotions is proof that you have, not just a heart and a brain, but a mind.  For a-self (individual), it is easy to mix emotions with instincts since after all, the global illusion of The-Self is always integrating all aspects/dimensions into this thing that they call “individuality” (a “whole” system of some sort when it’s used in reference to the being).  The-Self lives on as though “emotions” are an objective-reality when in fact, they’re nothing more but subjective mental dispositions.  Emotions must first be taught and learned through some kind of an external unambiguous isolated gradual upbringing (i.e., in a private family home) before he/she is thrust out there in the ambiguous emotional world; in this way, he/she has a pillar in which to compare it with other debating ambiguous emotional differences; in this way, the person is equipped to face the “challenges” of the “emotional” ambiguous world:  However, without that gradual unambiguous isolated mental training, “emotions” than becomes impossible to mentally inculcate since the-World itself can’t seem to make heads or tails of what “emotions” are to begin with.  The-World, and the human race, can live constructively without emotions; simply because, you don’t need emotions to care and be concern toward others when you have instinctual biological affections to stimulate such qualities, such as “caring” and “concern” behaviors and manifestations:  The animal race are doing quite well without emotions.  It turns out that emotions are just luxuries that can provide its possessor mental euphoria experiences: this my being calls it as an inebriating mental experience that can cause a person (a-self) to forget the-World, problems, responsibilities and mandatory subjective expectations on a temporary basis: with this experience, The-Self is under the illusion that such manifestations are constructive and “positive:” the reality, however, is that “emotions” are neither constructive or destructive; and neither are they positive or negative—such connotations and understandings are just subjective personal interpretations because in reality, “emotions” are nothing more but irrational and illogical no matter how you may look at them (emotions)—they can only provide its possessor to be just that, irrational and illogical—nothing more, nothing less: an unnecessary manifestation that doesn’t contribute to the survival of the species.

You don’t need emotions to survive—no one does no matter how they may beg to differ.  Nonetheless, one must understand that just because emotions are nothing more but a mental state-of-mind (disposition of the-Mind), however, that does not mean that it is an inborn mental capacity for all minds:  Not all things that are exclusively a state-of-mind is an inborn capacity for all minds—many things that can only exist within the mind comes from external sources that are trained, and therefore, learned (i.e., emotions, the global illusion of The-Self, the concept of individuality, the-Ego, etc.)—even the-Mind in of itself can also make exclusive internal non-born mental formations and actuation as needed, from and by the-Mind itself: so not all things that are dispositions of the-Mind are inborn mental capacities even though, they can only exist within the-Mind.  Emotions are not psychically or physically inborn—they are taught and learned from external sources—an unnecessary luxurious knowledge that is passed on from person to person, externally.  Therefore, emotions are than unnecessary and not needed for the survival of the species—it is not even needed for mental purposes because the only thing that emotions provide is mental euphoria and disturbed experiences—an unnecessary mental actuation that people can utterly do without.

It is therefore obvious that the “metaphoric heart” (emotions) is a mental concept/idea that is actuated in the-Mind, and thus learned.  It is a mental state-of-mind that emits behavior and understanding:  It is not a biological program (instincts).  It is therefore a luxury, and in some instances, a burden as well.  Emotions are not a necessity for survival purposes.  We don’t need emotions to survive as a human species; we can do well with just instincts, as well as with logic, rationale and discretion.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth Alonso]

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