Charting Perfection

Perfection is/are determined by the status of its conditions (e.g., are the measurements, temperatures and pressures balanced and equaled; and most of all, are they all suitable, as a whole, to function appropriately, as well as accurately?).  Therefore, perfection is purely and solely conditional.  Anything that is then unconditional, is imperfect (e.g., human-infallibility; absoluteness; limitlessness; immeasurableness; transcendence; etc.). Nevertheless, […]

Generating Towards Degeneration

Of what good are the many modern inventions, that are manufactured at the expense of “unconditioning” the conditions of nature, when most of them contribute in transforming our environments as incomplete; therefore, threatening our survival as a species?  What happened to the rights of our innate conditional freedom?  Why can’t many people see that most mediated superlative […]

Astronautics (Sailors of the Universe)

“This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind,” quoted Neil Armstrong. If the “one giant leap step” means to replicate and maintain conditions of the earth, in order to sustain our existences while sailing in our solar system, then Armstrong’s public statement rings a truth to it.  But if it […]

Transgender (beyond Procreation)

Since the beginning of mankind, as well as of womankind, the idea of applying transcending significance to almost anything, or anyone, has always been a custom in every civilized collective consciousness (coagulum).  This is surely evident by archaeological findings of ancient temples and worship (e.g., hybrid Egyptian gods, crossbreed Grecian titans, etc.).  And even now, you have […]