“Unconditioning” Conditions

“Give me your unconditional love.”  Is a common phrase, or philosophy, that the-World stipulates globally:  Perhaps, the need to express that there must be at least one thing that can make one feel somewhat, genuine freedom, was the need to conjure the illusion that the figurative heart (love) should be, “unconditional.”  But would such a […]

Tetranomen (what Is It?)

  Tetranomen (tě – tră – nō – měn, noun)   (of the ‘no-self’/the ‘Not-I’) the Hebrew name for the extroverold alien, Sabiazoth; consisting of the four consonants, Z H Z H.  Regarded as a name that braces/charges the being in its most unleavened form of the ‘no-self.’ A four letter Hebrew name that is translated, not […]