Anego Vs. Anatta

Aspaty:  Trispace, Carpercycle 22, 0 R.M. E.C. (Solar East) Gregorian:  Tuesday, October 25, 2005 Hebrew Lunar:  Tuesday, Tishrei 22, 5766 This is the span that my mind was resurrected in, from almost a total of forty Gregorian years of mindlessness (unawareness). The name of my being is Sabiazoth, and the last of my family’s lineage name is […]

Anego (what Is It?)

anego (ă-nēē-gō, noun)   Egoless: Without an ego; without “The-Self.” To never know what is like to be an ego, or to have had an ego. Ego, as an estranged and foreign mental actuation: (The ‘no-self’) Utterly selfless in the literal sense: (Without an “I”/without a “me”). Without subjectivities; abstracts; idiosyncrasies; introspection; introversion. To never […]