SPACE (not According To Einstein)

According to the collective consciousness of the-World, the concept and understanding of the word ‘space’ entails ideas such as blankness, capacities, distances, expanses, extensions, stretching and vastness; and yes, even in sizes.  In the branch of most physics, space and time are both merged into one in the same, or into a single continuum, that […]

Enhouse (what Is It?)

enhouse (ĕn – hows, noun)   a structure, vessel, building, or soul (animating physical body) that encases all elements to function unanimously for functional purposes as a whole. persons encased in/into a house. the immaterial mind encased in/into the material a main-board, or system-board, encased in/into a computer’s tower. a group of bees encased in/into […]

Idiology (what Is It?)

idiology (ē – dee – ŏ – lŏ – jee, noun)   The science of individuality/individualism. The study of the mental disposition of The-Self. The branch of egoism; of selfdom; of oneness. The behavioral science of a composited person (an entirety entity). The mental disposition of being compounded of many divided aspects. The knowledge of the ego, […]

A Better Person

To become better about your-self, is to first think lesser about your-self.  Henceforth, it is better to say that you want your-self to be more of what you are, than to say that you want your-self to be better than what you are. * [Article Posted by: Sabiazoth] [Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth] [Aspaty: Monospace, […]

Enself (what Is It?)

enself (ĕn – self, noun)   To actuate a mental disposition of The-Self. To mentally inculcate the understanding and behavior of The-Self. The collective consciousness of The-Self gradually cultivated and through an upbringing To teach about the language and mannerism of The-Self to a child, from childhood through A mind actuated with the disposition of […]

A Remarkable Thing

The fact that you are alive, with animating life, is always a remarkable thing.  Anything other than that is only secondary. In great dispute and anger, many will argue that there are other matters, than one’s own-self, that is much more of a priority than secondary; e.g., many may feel that their careers, money, friends […]

Cynreality (what Is It?)

cynreality (sin – ree – ă – li – tee, noun)   the state of two realities integrated into one space. the coexistence of the idio-reality and the ecto-reality. a synchronization of the meta-reality and the sub-reality, conjoining into a space to bring about the capacity of manifesting (creating) ideas into substances. the acknowledgement that reality is really […]

Be Patient With Patience

One must come to acknowledge that with patience, is not how long it takes you to get from point “A” to point “B,” but it’s how much patience can you deal with patience itself.  Patience knows no subjective and/or objective time; hence, anyone or anybody that puts a time-table on patience has ceased from patience […]

“My Being Takes Itself Higher Than A….”

My psychological internal being, that is without root has extensively expanded with an enormous superimposition of great acknowledgement. The internal colossal expansion of my internal psyche-being, in reference to its own understanding and wisdom, IT itself has profoundly learned that a certain god of this global system of conditions, has come to notice of my […]