A Cross Is A Cross; Of Course, Of Course (or Is It?)

According to Sumerian and Babylonian mythology, the pseudo-god, Tammuz Dumuzi, was known to be an illustrative force of fertility, pastures, food and vegetation: it was also known to be the consort of the pseudo-goddess, Inanna (converted into the Venus of Rome).  The spurious Tammuz was connoted with the symbol ” + ” in former Babylon, […]

IT is That IT is

“IT is That IT is”  –  Vs.  –  “I am That I am” It is known in among the social coagulum (collective consciousness) of the-World(s) that the term, “I AM,” is the name of the legendary biblical God: a name that was given when the biblical person, Moses, asked what its’ name was, and IT answered onto him by replying, […]