Déjà vu (what Is It?)

According to the earth’s collective consciousness (world’s coagulum), the concept/idea of the word “déjà vu” entails the understanding and behaviour that something, that a person is now experiencing, has experienced it before; in other words, the experience is somehow repeating itself from a so-called “past life” occurrence; perhaps maybe from another time and space, or […]

Who or What are You?

A question to “The-Self” itself: If you were once what you were then, and now you are what you are now than from what you were before, but now soon you will be what you will be than what you are now, how then can you be at all? * [Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Alonso] [Writing & […]

Homogamous (what Is It?)

homogamous (hă – mă – gŏh – mŭss, adjective) the natural sexual attraction and behavior toward the same sex. a homogamous male: a homogamous woman. an inborn instinctual sexual attraction of the same sex. homogamy: the state of being homogamous. the natural inborn quality or state of being sexually attracted to the same sex. natural selection to […]