“Evolvement” (is It A Psychological Actuation, Or A Biological/Geological Automaton-Function?)

According to the coascious (collective) consciousness (coagulum/world) of the earth, the mental concept of the word “evolve” entails the idea and understanding of connotations like, development, progression, advancement, disclosure, emergence, change (i.e., to make or become different), accommodation, diversities, modification, conversion, mergence and metamorphose (i.e., to remake, reform or remodel).  Usually, to “evolve” insists of […]

‘The-Uncreature’ (the Uncreated)

Uncreature, the (Ŭn – crēē – chŭr, noun) An unearthly being that exists without first being created. An unearthly being, or a person, that was never created. A being, or a person, who is not of any origins of any kind. A living mindful energy that is not of creation origin. A celestial living person […]

Relationship (what Does It Mean?)

Many some people take the word “relationship” too lightly: they even use it without really knowing what it means. A relationship is a word that indicates that you, and your significant other, are psychologically “relating” in some way, manner or form. Hence, if you marry someone for only money, but you can’t seem to psychologically […]

Angels (are They Born, or Are They Created?)

Accordingly to the coascious (collective) consciousness (coagulum) of the earth’s world, the concept of the word “angel” entails the idea of an “attendant of the biblical God, YAHOWAH [ה ו ה י]:” it also entails a celestial being, divine messenger, guardian, heavenly being, holy being, spirit, spiritual being, a sprite or a supernatural being.  Angels […]

Emotions (is It Just A State-Of-Mind?)

Emotion (the metaphoric heart) is a word that is very ambiguous in the coascious (collective) consciousness (coagulum) of the-World; a language, or tongue, familiar to the-selves.  My being noticed that, according to many people, emotions are integrated, or known to be one in the same with instincts.  In my objective computational comprehension, accompanied with my […]

Reason (according To Freud)

“…We are justified…in giving free rein to our explanations so long as we retain the coolness of our judgment [reasoning] and do not mistake the scaffolding [exterior] for the building [interior]…”  (Freud, 1900, p.536; quoted in Spence, 1994, p.79; as quoted in Wurmser, 1977, p.473) * [Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Alonso] [Writing & Concept, Created […]