Exorcism (a Psyche-Possession?)

Many people may be curious of the mysterious figurative feeling (belief) of internal demonic habitations, and thus many may rightfully ask if demons are really real, and therefore, are demonic possessions real as well?  Many debate that the only evil and malevolent creatures that exist are actually the humans them-selves—that “demons” may just a mental state-of-mind: some even say that […]

‘The-Unconscious’ (not According To Freud)

The-Unconscious (simply means: the person not knowing).  The-Unconscious is to not know a direct access to a mental sector that doesn’t require a conscious to process, decipher, calculate, manipulate and determinate the constant unaware phrenic activities of the figurative heart (emotions).  Unlike Freud’s unconsciousness, in where he theorized that such internal mental region contains repressed ideas, memories and emotions; the-Unconscious, however, that has been objectively […]

Nature (a Creation, or An Accident?)

The many unanimous utterances that it’s figuratively felt (believed) among evolutionist scientists and physicists (i.e., the late Charles Darwin: Julian Huxley: Michio Kaku: Stephen Hawking, etc.) that nature created itself, or that nature is an accident, is not rational and logical, not even in the least.  How can something, or someone, be created without first an intelligent Creator?  The fact that many scientists, and their […]

Automaton Consciousness (Bioconsciousness)

A common simple thought, in both species of animals and humans, is nothing more  but an ‘automaton biological cerebral process’ that manifests a term called, consciousness, that automatically decipher, calculate, surmise, gather and determine environmental and biological information (i.e., through a process of bioconsciousness, our material brain deciphers, calculates, surmises, gathers, and eventually determines certain bio-information that makes our hearts […]

The-Center of The-Universe

Although the-World(s) physically knows that the-Earth is not the center of the universe, psychologically, the-World(s) still thinks that it itself is the centermost zone of the entire unity of space:  And this is evident, when the-World unanimously say, “Love is Universal.” The fact that the outer-space (that’s outside from our own terrestrial inner-space) is defined from the […]

Am the Am Without the I

My form of psychosomatic mental existentiality, in its’ unadulterated form of dividuality (of three beings), is the not-I.  IT itself is the no-self.  And we, as non-integrated dividuals, are here to exist, to be, to live, and to experience life and existences.  There is no ego in any of the forms of my beings:  There is no “I” as […]

The Quasi-Object of the-World

The-Self (the-ego/the I/the me) is more of a global illusion of the-World(s) than anything else:  An illusion, not in the sense that it doesn’t exist, but in the sense that The-Self itself may not be what it seems to be.  In any form, however, this illusion still exerts behavior and understanding: nevertheless, an illusion can only beget illusions. […]