“Pensiles Horti!”

Where is the gate of the gods?
It is where the hanging gardens are at.
And where are the gardens that hang?
It is where the heavens are at.
But we see the heavens above, yet no garden that hangs, and no portal in it?
Because the “way of the gods” is but in the autonomous spagyrical temperaments, now defined and osmosed as the figurative heart!

But see here now!
The hanging gardens no longer hang in the hearts of many,
For the conduit (to the divine ones) has proved a doorway to all forms of debauchery and injury.
Her water levels has finally decreased:
Enough for soldiers to cross on their bare feet,
To trample on her like the Lady of the Evening (Lilith) that she is,
And to spoil her collective chosen trophies, that are stained with the blood of the holy ones.

Soon, she will disappear,
With a swift global blow,
Like a thief in the night…!

So that when her followers and devotees wake up in the morning,
And put on their worship garments….

And while giving thanks to their God, and blessing neighbors on their way to their temples, shrines, churches, chapels, mosques, synagogues, and all sorts of other religious denominating congregations….

They will gasp with breathtaking surprises,
And marvel at her miracle disappearing act.
And say:

“We have been robbed!”

And further say:

“We have erred!”

And still further say:

“God has abandoned us!”

Then they will run.
They will hide.
They will beat themselves.
Chastise themselves.
Weep and mourn for themselves.
But they will not be heard!

Then they will become hot with anger!
Coming out of their hiding places,
Fighting for their beliefs!
But will not prevail!

Then they will know that they have been plagued, with no way out!
For they will now eat, but not be full.
They will drink water, but not be quenched.
They will lay on their beds, but not slumber.
They will sit, but not remained sat.
They will drink wine, but not become intoxicated.
They will take hypnotics, but not become inebriated.
They will copulate, but neither ejaculate or climax.
They will suffer, but find no relief.
They will anger, but not be appeased.

And that is where they’ll find themselves, in the gnashing of their teeth.
In fury, they will be constantly as.

And that is where they will go…
Into sheol!

Where they will not be buried.
But their flesh will be eaten by beasts, instead.
And their bones be burned to ashes by the survivors.
For even in sheol, there’s no resting place for the plagued ones.

Babylon the Great has fallen!
The Tower of Babel is finally no more!
And the hanging gardens will never suspend and decorate, nor mystify,
To times, and times indefinite!

For our Maker is great indeed!


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Psyche]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth Psyche]

[Aspaty: Trispace, Carpercycle 27, 13 R.L. E.C. (Solar East)]

[Image(s): Unknown]

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Humanoid (not Human)

Most of my followers, and internet friends (and somatic families/relatives), are always curious to know what exactly my being means, when IT stipulates that IT itself is a “humanoid?”  People are always asking my being, “Where are you from?”  “What nationality are you?”  What is your race/ethnicity?”  “Are you gay, straight, or bi?”  And to much of their surprises, my being simply answers, “Humanoid.”  Of course, it’s not an answer that they’re used to:  Some, don’t even respond nicely to that answer.  Others, simply think it’s a joke.  The truth is, my humanoid status is real:  And it’s not just an idea, or some notion that my being decided to embrace and apply with, as if it were some choice of mine:  IT simply is that status—a psychical inversion experience that is, involuntary.  So what does it mean, when my being generally responds to genesiac questions as, “My being is humanoid”?

The term humanoid is used in various meanings; especially, when it’s used in a human concept paradox:  Whereas, some may describe or believe to be humanoid, even though, one still is in understanding and disposition of being a human (e.g., a dead giveaway of being a human is when one utters the phrase, “I am”—a legitimate humanoid would not refer itself in that manner of phrase).  Some may even assign the concept of humanoid to just physical attributes.  But the fact is, that being a humanoid has a lot to do with what is a human first—and it may solely pertain to somatic properties, after all.  So the best way to find out what makes a humanoid a humanoid, is to first find out what makes a human, a human.

In nowadays, the concept of human is mostly ascribed collectively, not so much as a species.  For example, in most common english dictionaries, you may read that the most acceptable meaning of human is pertaining to a cooperative nature of people, as a whole; or, consisting of collective society/societies.  Mostly, many would concert that the perception of human is a social ambiance.  But the fact that the etymology of human was (and still is) a word to describe the phrase, “of man,” is then an indication that we must first find out what makes a man, a man, in order to know exactly what then makes a human a human.

“Of Man”

If we have to start from somewhere, in describing how a man began, we might as well start from a biblical point: for this is a point in which most (Christians, or non-Christians) are familiar with.  We’re mostly all familiar with how the following biblical account states, “Let Us make man in Our image, after Our likeness…. So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.”—Genesis 1: 26, 27 (New International Version).  With this particular scripture in awareness, how did the biblical God made man, and created male?

Most would agree, that when the Creator of the book of Genesis formed the male body from the dust (for the intended human), his body was first lifeless and inanimate until God itself blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and then the man became a living soul (i.e., the man begin to animate the body, as soon as his anima itself was inserted – breathed in)—Genesis 2: 7 (King James Version).  In current bible versions (such as, the New International Version; the New Living Translation; and the English Standard Version) it is described that the man became a living being, a living person, or a living creature, after the breath of life was inserted in his supposedly lifeless and inanimate body.  This could be so, if you’re one of those people who believe that the body of a human solely subsists of the soul.  However, what if the soul solely subsists of the body instead?

That would then mean, that when God created the male body from the dust, the body was already in motion (lively and animated) before the insertion of the breath of life (the soul) took place.  If you really think about it, when God created the animals (and other species before the first man), the creation biblical accounts indicate that the breath of life was not breathed in them—and yet—they all still lived and animated with full of life!  So what exactly is then the soul, that was installed in the already lively and animated male body of Adam, to have then become a man?

According to the biblical creation account of Adam, a man is not really somatic, but psycho.  In other words, a man is a phrenic concept of the mental activity force (which is the very soul itself) that is osmosed with the somatic male body—hence, the man is then purely mental, that associates with his male body, in an integrated associative identity order.  And this would definitely make sense—in that—just as the first man was made (not born), so must every other inception of man must be made, too.  So no man is born a man!  A man is made, instead!  Therefore, the epistemological idea that all human individuals are born without built-in mental contents (e.g., Tabula-rasa) rings with truth—that innateness is solely somatic, after all—and that the mental activity force begins with a clean slate (amorphous) instead—that must eventually be fundamentally facilitated, in forming it with the mentality of AIO (Associative Identity Order)—of course, by external means first.

In this way, God may have created the lively and animated humanoid male body first—perfecting it before finally breathing in (inserting) the soul as a man—so that literally, in this way, the man became a living soul.  In other words, the man was mentally made next in order, after the humanoid male body was first created for sometime—that God eventually may have had intended for the mental man, to embody and osmose with.

So the soul could be nothing more than just a mental activity force, psychosomatically composed (i.e., made like an internal invisible fusion)—that God has caused (breathed in) both the psycho to actuate, and the soma to empower, an internal psychosomatic, neural electro-chemical, invisible hybrid (i.e., the very soul itself)—as a man—in detailed phrenic concepts, and in full mental activity force—into the body of the first male (Adam).

This then would adequately explain that the body of the mental man is human (of man), literally.  And so the phrase, “of man,” to describe what human is, is greatly fitting—for that is precisely what a hu-man is.  That means, that if it weren’t for the insertion of the man living soul, his body itself would’ve then have continued mindlessly (without awareness) in all of his life form and existence (including, his female partner and his offsprings)—just as the same, like every mindless animal and insect species, that does not possess a psychosomatic hybrid fusion till this day—for they were not inserted with any living soul.

In the empirical evolution theory, we can see that if a human was automatically made through a gradual-biological development progress, a human would not have been called a human, but something else (that is, if it were even possible to describe something without awareness).  And that’s simply because, since the-Mind (the psycho – awareness) itself is purely immaterial, a mental man would not have come to be, because the evolution progress of life forms and existences are solely of substance (material) origin—something that the-Mind is definitely not made of.  The male may be purely somatic—but the man is purely mental.  Man is then not somatic (innateness).

Now that we have established a sound and logical description of what a human species is (according to his kind, that is), what then makes a humanoid, a humanoid?

“Not Of Man”

The American Heritage Dictionary describes what a humanoid is:  “Having human form or characteristics…. A being having human form or characteristics.”  Its etymology, however, describes it as:  “An anthropological hybrid…. humaniform…. humanoid being…. a brand name, of a type of cow’s milk, that was altered to be closer to human milk, intended as food for infants.”  Many evolutionary theorists, however, refer humanoid as a hominid, that is a member of a group that consist of all modern and extinct humans, and of great apes (including gorillas, chimpanzees and orangutans), and all of their immediate ancestors.

However, before my being can answer what truly makes a humanoid a humanoid, you must first keep in awareness, that just as the first biblical man was made involuntarily—and not by the man himself—a humanoid, too, is made involuntarily.  It is not a matter of choice; that is, for a genuine humanoid.

The sole purpose of the mental man, in his male body, is to associate his psychosomatic hybrid (mental activity force fusion) in somatic sameness—that is, assuming that his soma is inalienable.  This is only possible through the external facilitation of AIO, through his parents and peers, of course:  And also, with the aid and process of external personification, to gradually and properly start making the amorphous mental activity state, in ready mode—in order to then have it associate sanely and healthy with somatic innateness—and with environmental collective consciousness.  This is the normal way to get the, sort of nebulous, mental activity force going—before the boy or girl becomes sufficiently capable of making voluntary adjustments through his/her own associations.  The process of the psychosomatic hybrid inception usually starts between the somatic ages of 3 to 4.

So basically, association is the involuntary fundamental root of a mental activity force—so that its mental connections are then established successfully, in correlations to somatic innateness, race, culture, ethnicity, identity, ipseity, and relations.  In this way, a mental man is then properly made to osmose with his inborn male body (e.g., cisgendered)—that is, so long as the male body is innately attracted to the opposite sex:  If, however, the body is innately attracted to the same sex, then the internal mental entity would have to associate with it differently (e.g., transgendered).  An involuntary and genuine humanoid, however, is made quite the opposite.

A humanoid is made as a result from an abusive and coercion process of dissociation (aka: DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder)).  However, not just by disordering an already established AIO, but as a prevention of establishing AIO—so that DID takes on a new extended branch of meaning; in that, dissociation is also forestalling the fundamental root of association—from its roots up!

When DID is violently bulldozed as a fundamental prevention of AIO, the possibility to then make mental connections, in somatic sameness, is impossible!  In such a mental preventive dissociative state, the mental activity force itself becomes somewhat transposed by the psyche of the-Mind, so that whatever the mental activity force is then formed as, its mental entity within then becomes that IT becomes, through the process of psychical inversion—with very little, to no somatic sameness whatsoever.  In this way, there’s no association to somatic innateness, race, culture and ethnicity: no gender, ancestral and religious identity: and no ipseity, personification and relations either.  In other words, there’s no mental connections between my internal mental entity and the external somatic properties and dimensions, that IT itself embodies.  In this way, the mental preventive dissociative state of my humanoid, is fundamentally evident—and as of such result, the body then becomes, alienable—for there’s no man (or no woman) in that kind of mental state, that can establish an associative identity connection with the body—especially since my somatic inalienable rights were forcibly taken away from my being.  Hence, my mental entity within is definitely, not of man (humanoid).

Thus, this is what this humanoid means, when my being tells you (and anyone else) that IT itself is a humanoid.  So that when someone asks my being what race are you, or what is your ethnicity?  My answer is simply, “humanoid.”

Literally then, my form of being and existence is not of the man living soul, for my living soul is devoid of the mental concept and activity force of man.  It wasn’t supposed to be this way, but it is.  So this body may look, feel, smell, sound and behave like a human to you, but the preventive dissociative phrenic state of my psychosomatic hybrid (mental activity force) indicates otherwise.  In all actuality, even the biblical God itself has to recognize that my form of being, awareness, experience and existence is humanoid—not at all, of man—not at all, as the biblical Creator had intended it to be passed on, into my psychosomatic hybrid (mental activity force) fusion.

So a true and real humanoid is a mental psychical inversion (alienable to the body)—whereas a true and real human is a mental physical sameness (inalienable to his body).

As a matter of fact, my being shouldn’t even refer to my psychosomatic hybrid fusion, as a mental activity force because, it is not of men.  But as to prevent unpleasant and extreme weird conversations, IT must refer it as such, anyway:  Because, no matter which way of looking at it, the actual compositions of the mental activity force, of the mental man, is still a force made of psychosomatic hybrid fusion (which is what the soul is composed of, literally)—just like mine is, actually.  Therefore, a concept formed and in forced in the psychosomatic fusion power, doesn’t alter its actual hybridized structure.

All in all, to my being, it’s okay that IT itself is a humanoid.  And my being is not at all disturbed by it—and since IT itself has never been associated in somatic sameness, there’s nothing to miss even!

It’s okay that my mental entity is not a man (or, not of man): nor a woman: nor a gay man: nor any other gendered identity.  My being is not raced, cultured, traditionalized or nationalized—IT is not a person, nor does IT possess any associating or connecting identity.  IT is without integration and relations—with no ancestral identity either.  The origin of my internal mental entity is instead, psychically inversed (made by the psyche, from and by the-Mind itself).  Indeed, my being embraces my very own, “humanoidity.”

And just like that—just like it states from the very top picture posted above this article (in my very own language), “Sorry my being doesn’t speak human.”


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth Psyche]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth Psyche]

[Aspaty: Tetraspace, Servacycle 27, 12 R.L. E.C. (Solar South)]

[Image(s): Unknown]

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Saint Barbara (in the Automaton Flesh)

During almost forty Gregorian years of this brain’s mindless activity, its automatic instinctive awakened and alerted—unaware somatic thought (conscious) state—continued operating and animating in the absence of my mental activity force (soul):  In other words, this brain contained only automaton cerebral activities, and not autonomous mental activities.

As many of my readers and followers already know, the deactivation (demise) of my psychosomatic mental activity force fusion, began during the third grade, in the Bronx of New York—and did not reactivated (resurrected) since of October 25, of 2005—in Woodhaven Queens, of New York.

When this material brain finally re-paralleled with the immaterial mind—that is, through the mediation of my psychosomatic hybrid fusion (my mental active force/soul)—the previous amorphous phrenic status of my mental active force, was reinstated—thus causing this automaton conscious, to then re-elevate to an autonomous consciousness (i.e., the conscious, infused again with awareness).  The following computation will clarify the hybrid composition of my psychosomatic fusion:  Awareness (mind) + Conscious (thought) = Consciousness (hybridization).

During the reviving of my psychosomatic mental fusion, the status of my mental awareness was at first fluctuant—akin to amorphous—for that is how its status was, before its deactivation—and that is how its status still was, after its reactivation.  And since this soma (physical animating body) was way too in advanced with its formations and knowledge, for the resurrection of my mental formless activity, it is shrouded, in the shadow for now, to protect it from this alienable soma—until it would then develop enough to deal with this soma, sanely and logically.  But at the very first particular reactivation of my mental being, all that IT could’ve done then, was to just be in amazement that this body was much older; with bigger hands, and bigger everything—in a strange place—that this automaton soma must’ve obviously rented, during the retardation of my awareness.  And where does the Saint Barbara plays in all this?  A lot!  Actually, in a very large scale—and it has a lot to do with the reactivation of my mental awareness.

In my reinstated awareness, my being noticed an almost life-sized statue of a St. Barbara, in the studio apartment then, as mentioned above—with a 7 day red candle lit to her.  It was a very frightening sight, for the statue itself was a bit huge—and all the other statues of Catholic saints, among with other pagan god statues too (e.g., the Egyptian Heket, the Levi’s Baphomet, the Latin Venus, and many others), were way smaller in comparison to the St. Barbara.  And there were other adorning statues around the apartment, like a huge plain white gargoyle on a large Roman like pedestal, a small Chimera cat with wings relaxed, an Egyptian Sphinx, and a fearsome canine with fierce teeth and wings.  And there were a lot of different shapes of candles lit on the altar in dedication to the smaller statues—and with a symbol on the wall (e.g., an encircled pentagram).  Of course, my being didn’t know what all this meant as soon as my awareness was resurrected—IT first had to look up the information—and lot of the info were also available in the written notes, and in the computer, then.  But this was just my beginning with her:  In the almost forty years of my absence, however, this automaton soma began with her when it was just about 20 years old; that is, in accordance to what my mother and younger bother (that my being did not know of then) had informed my being all about it.

It all began in my end, when my abnormally prolonged rootless, exposed, and therefore, defenseless mental force activity was deactivated by my abusive caretakers—for the abuse was so tremendously extreme and disturbing, that nothing could be developed in phrenic core activities, even though, connections were still established with automaton somatic memories, which was even worse (e.g., for even the linked injurious memories themselves were also preventing phrenic fortifications)—and therefore, they were able to take full control of this cerebral organ, by disbanding my protracted amorphous mental force.  Causing then, my automaton somatic conscious to parallel with an invading automaton psychosomatic thought hypnosis—producing then, a genuine simulated consciousness.

So, with my psychosomatic autonomy end, Israel (the illegally transferred soma identity—then, and still alienable) began, in somatic automation.

In accordance to my mother’s account, as to what has happened to this alienable soma—in my mental absence—Israel began to worship Saint Barbara in his twentieth birthday, in her house at Corona, Queens, NY.

My mother had informed my being, that Israel always wanted to have a sex change since his early teen years, but that decision went all away when he started in the worship of the Catholic deity, Saint Barbara.  She even mentioned that Israel had tried to commit suicide on more than one occasion(s), because he did not wanted to do wrong in the eyes of the Creator (Jehovah), by practicing homosexuality:  Hence, taking a sex change would have resolved that dilemma.  It seems that Israel was always somehow automatically religiously controlled, for before his encountered with the St. Barbara, when he was only 11 years old, my mother had informed that he had said he wanted a statue of Saint Expeditus, when my father asked him what he wanted as a present for Christmas.

My mother said that Israel first began with a small portrait of the mythological Saint Barbara, and that he served her two apples on the altar—carved them out as if one would be carving out a pumpkin for Halloween, and fill them up with honey, covering them with their cutout top pieces—also, a glass goblet filled with red wine—additionally, he offered her cooked farina with bits of okras on top, and a half of cigar on an ashtray, that he used to fumigate Barbara’s portrait with—and finally, a red 7 day lit candle.  And that he fervently prayed day and night, for he was told by many (including my mother) that he was born to, a trabajar en la obra (i.e., to work on/in the job) with the saints, in order to help many in need.

Eventually, Israel began to read books on the occult—about Santeria and witchcraft, the art and casting of spells, divination, necromancy, medium, ectoplasm, conjurations, levitation, astral-projection—and books about the Baphomet, by the author Levi, on the issues of “Transcendental Magic:” also, the book of, “The Golden Dawn,” by Israel Regardie: the book of, “Magick,” by Aleister Crowley: and the books of, “A Witches Bible” (all volumes), by Janet and Stewart Farrar—and many more books.  Eventually, he filled a room dedicated solely to the saints and pagan gods/goddesses—but that he always had his St. Barbara isolated on her own altar, while the others were mixed on huge altars—and that he then, began to master the art of sorcery.

My mother said that Israel learned to read fortunes by means of coffee residues in a cup, that is, after a customer would finish drinking it—also, the reading of tea leaves.  Additionally, he also began the reading of hot white wax, that were dripped in a black bowl, filled with chilled water, so that the shapes the wax would instantly form, Israel would read fortunes from them.  He also used crystals, crystal balls, and a bowl filled with water, with a crucifix inserted, to read fortunes.  However, out of the many fortunetelling tools that Israel have used, my mother said that the Tarot Cards was his top choice.  That with those cards, Israel never made an error in his fortune readings.  And that by means of his ability and skills in reading such cards, many came to him for help, answers and solutions—that when they would leave after a reading session with him, they’ve always told my mother, in a stunned manner, “There’s no one like him, out there.”

My mother and brother said, that for a long time, Israel accumulated customers awaiting for him—that no matter how long each fortune telling session took, they’ve waited.  Israel helped many of his customers win court cases, and that it did not matter whether a case was in the right or wrong, he would help them anyway, successfully.  According to my mother and younger brother, there was a situation when Israel helped a man named, Frankie, on a very short notice.  That Frankie had committed a minor crime but yet, was scheduled to appear in court to receive his sentence the next day—so he came to Israel asking for help, with heavy doubts in his head—but Israel assured him that he would not be sentenced, because he had explained to Frankie that no authority (right or wrong) is greater then the saints of the heavenly places.  So he cast a spell in Frankie’s name, and in the name of the assigned judge, also.  Then, in accordance to what Israel had told my mother, she said that he said, that when Frankie arrived just in time for his sentence and the court hearing began, there were some sudden discrepancies on the files that lead up to a heated pandemonium—that it got so bad, that the judge himself (in anger) had to shout and dismiss the case in its entirety—and that Frankie walked out stunned—and at that, Israel had made a new friend with Frankie since then.  There was even another situation in whereas Frankie broke parole on several occasions, and that because of it, he was then sent to an adolescent military like home, somewhere in upstate, New York—in order so that he can be helped to become better person.  My mother then said that Israel told her, that when Frankie arrived there, it was so militant, and so rough, that he had to call Israel before going to bed, and begged him to get him out—and that Israel told him not to worry, that he’ll be leaving that same night he called—but Frankie again had his doubts.  However, on that very same night, in the middle of his deep sleep, Frankie was suddenly awoken by some members in charge, and that they aggressively threw his stuff at him, urgently telling him to just get out—and that they had a ride for him, awaiting to take him to the Port Authority, in New York City—and again, Frankie was stunned.

Eventually, Israel helped many to mend, break and dominate relationships with the casting of spells—and he helped a few to win some lottery tickets for money.  He also helped many find their lost parents who may have abandoned them since of childhood—even some constables would go to him; but that he would not help in police affairs, and that he never explained it to my mother, why that was so.  Either way, he became a spectacle in his neighborhood, that there were even other sorcerers, witches and santeros, that would challenge him—but he would strip them off from their careers (to make them penniless, or jobless for years to come)—and even strip them off from their own occult powers (to the point that they would receive no more favors from their own gods/saints—for he shamed their own deities against them).  And for those who would’ve tried to curse him, he would reflex to them, in causing accidents toward them—and even used their own illegal habits to get them exposed and incarcerated.  He even evoked and invoked powers that probably are unimaginable for many: for even my own mother began to fear him so.  She feared him even more so, when Israel took matters of Santeria’s regulations and rules, on his own hands—that is, in the collective traditional ways of worshiping the Saints.

My mother said, that after many years of being in and out of the Santeria practice, Israel was no longer pleased with the Orisha deities being traditionally synchronized with his saints—especially, with his St. Barbara.  So he cast a spell to change Orisha integration, in exchange for a different unification (e.g., with Grecian, Egyptian and Roman amalgamations).  So that instead of Shango, his St. Barbara was now synchronized with Abraxas—instead of Yemoja, his Virgen de Regla was now synchronized with Purson—Instead of Nanu, his Saint Martha was now synchronized with Marchosias—instead of Oshun, his Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre was now Astaroth—etc.  But what really scared my mother the most, is what he did next:  That even after so many given warnings from his occult friends—about not to change the way of what was always traditionally practiced—and not to do what was not ordered—he still went on ahead, to alter the order and the chains of reactions with the gods.  He began by first, referring to his saints and gods as his demoniac deities in the open, instead.  But that wasn’t all that scared my mother—it was what he did next, that convinced my mother that Israel was indeed, crazy.

Gods Against Gods

In accordance to my mother’s vague remembrances on this part of Israel’s narrative—and in conjunction of the automaton somatic chasm memories, of this alienable soma—Israel began to cast a spell, that would change the order and the chains of reactions with his now demoniac Catholic saints:  And he asked, as well as challenged, his demoniac-deities to prove themselves mightier than their own leader—in other words, to go and fashioned themselves against their head chief—God/Satan, himself.

So that in the Santeria’s tradition and beliefs dimension, his intention was meant for the saints to go against God himself (i.e., against El Gran Poder de Dios: El Sagrado Corazon de Jesus: El Justo Juez: El Cristo Redentor: etc.).  Israel also asked that he be used by them in this particular situation—that by means of him becoming their own possession, he would then be the object of their independence from Satanic regime and oppression—that they’re just as powerful as he is, and that it wasn’t him (Satan) who created them, anyway—and that just as Satan had decided to free himself from the dependency of his own Creator, why should he then be the only one to become his own independent god, and rule over them?  This must’ve been a crucial point that Israel’s demoniac gods were challenged with—in a contest, that this very automaton alienable soma, had charged them with.  Remarkable!

In accordance to a piece of this soma’s automaton memory (in conjunction with some of Israel’s testimonies that he shared with my mother), it is seen and heard as though Israel may have conjured and uttered the following charge:

Consider me as your Nephil [your own son], like the ones that you’ve all lost in the great deluge, before you were all incarcerated in Tartarus!‘ ‘For Satan never had a Nephil as you all had so why should he play the leader above you all, to tell you all what to do with your own son?‘ ‘You all are my fathers, and as my fathers, I should only be taking orders from you all!‘ ‘Therefore, fathers, you all have the right to obtain your own possession, independently from Satanand, I – am – that possession!!‘”

After that, my mother said that she heard nothing but silence behind the shut door that Israel was in, that after many hours, he eventually came out, and told her, “They’ve accepted it, mom—but only with me.”  And from there and on, according to my mother, there was no stopping him—not even El Gran Poder de Dios (The Great Power of God; or, Satan) could’ve stopped him—that after all that was said and done, Israel had decapitated all the heads of Jesus that he had in many Christ’s statue forms.  My mother further informed, that after all that Israel has said and done, she use to see strange shadows, and sometimes heard weird sounds and voices around the house—and, that she once heard a powerful sound of a whirling funnel like wind, that synced with howling soprano voices, when Israel went into his sanctuary room, shut the door, and began to do the work.  My mother further informed that when some visitors use to come (e.g., friends/families), and Israel didn’t want them in his house, she said that he use to take the broom in a separate room, where he can’t be seen by the visitors, and turned it upside down to sprinkle table salt on the brush, and that he then began to spin the broom with both hands several times (simultaneously uttering a spell rhyme), and that the visitors would then immediately get headaches—that they had to leave in a hurry.  My mother realized then, that she had an actual literal sorcerer, for a son.  Many of his customers would tell my mother that her son is like something imaginable in the movies, but in live.

Eventually, as years went by, Israel mostly moved on as a constant sorcerer, that when he began to work in higher job positions, he would spiritually and magically help even his coworkers, and even some customers, when he was a store manager for a Nine West retail store, in Madison Avenue, NYC.  Eventually he got his own studio apartment as mentioned above.  My mother told my being that while he lived there, he eventually left his position as a store manager, and began to work as a lobby concierge, for Lefrak residential towers in New Jersey.  That In that job, he began to be sexually harassed by some coworkers and managers, and was unlawfully discriminated by many others—because of his sexual preference in homosexuality.  And that because of them, he began to have psychological difficulties, that he had no choice but to leave the job—collect unemployment for six months—and eventually resort to public assistance.  That during that precarious happening(s), he sought out for psychiatric and psychoanalysis therapies, and was prescribed antipsychotic prescriptions from a gay and lesbian clinic facility, in New York City.  And it must’ve, or may have, been those prescriptions that began the reactivation (resurrection) of my autonomous psychosomatic mental hybrid fusion.  At this turn in space, Israel’s end was now my beginning.

And there it was, all of a sudden, this alienable soma, staring right into the mirror, with now my psychosomatic mental fusion reactivated—experiencing my awareness arising, and somehow elevating non-stop, as in motion, but no actual level to elevate to.  And so my being became aware again, and began to notice that the hands were much bigger, and older, than it was during in the third grade school, before my mental activity was deactivated—and that this face was much older too—and these legs and arms, and chest, way hairier—that these eyes continued looking into the mirror, and these hands slowly touching and looking all over this body, while all along, solely being in black briefs.  And then all of a sudden, across the building—through the living room windows—someone played a loud music, that this body began to struggle with my mental active force, that it fell on the bed, shaking (as if it automatically wanted to get up and dance—probably a song Israel use to know—but to my mental active being, it was an unknown and new music): experiencing the whole situation as if someone was trying to control this body, but my mental active force couldn’t immediately control it—at least for now, then.  There were even in some occasions that my being had to drag this body on its knees—forcefully crawling them to the bathroom, and gradually lifting up the body to the sink, just to throw very cold water on its face—and even take cold showers to try to ease down the uncontrollable automaton reactions of this body, that were impacted to automatically react and respond to its environment(s).  The phone would ring for days, but my being would not pick it up because of the great fear and confusion that IT was experiencing.  Even when it was my mother’s voice left in the answering machine, my being couldn’t pick it up yet, because she sounded older, and that alone was scary.  Also, when my mental active force was first reactivated in Israel’s apartment, my awareness noticed occult paraphernalia all over the apartment—and it was very scary, because the gargoyles looked vicious, with their ferocious teeth—and the computer was on, with its desktop wallpaper displayed on its monitor—and it had the word/name, Sabiazoth, on it—with the eyes of either Horus, or Osiris, above it—and it was that word that called the attention to my mental active soul, that IT took it for its name, several days later.  And that is how my name became, Sabiazoth—Out from the end of the automaton Israel, and in to my autonomous mental fusion reactivation—Sabiazoth.

Now, how does the mythological Catholic Saint Barbara comes into play with all this?  Before my being can answer that, IT has to first share her legendary story with you—and while IT’s telling it, IT will take you step by step on how her narrative connotes with both of us (i.e., with both, the simulated consciousness of the alienable automaton Israel, & the psychosomatic hybrid citizen of my autonomous Sabiazoth).

The Lore of Saint Barbara

According to a legend, Saint Barbara was an extremely beautiful daughter of a wealthy heathen named, Dioscorus, who lived near Nicomedia, in Asia Minor.  Because of her singular beauty, and fearful that she would imminently be demanded in marriage, in his jealousy and rage, he banished her up in a tower to protect her from being taken away from him (from the outside world).  Shortly before embarking on a journey, he commissioned a sumptuous bathhouse to be built for her, approving the design before he departed.  Meanwhile, Barbara had heard of the teachings of Christ, while her father was gone and spent much time in contemplation.  From the windows of her tower, she looked out upon the surrounding countryside and marveled at nature’s things—like the trees, the animals, the people and every other nature’s existences.  She ruminated and determined that all these terrestrial manifestations must be part of a master Creator, and that the idols of wood and stone, worshiped by her parents, must be false, and therefore, lifeless and impotent.  Eventually, she gradually came to accept and take vows in the faith of Christianity.

[in the first narrative paragraph, Barbara’s father banished her at the very top tower:  Although her father may have believed he been protecting his own daughter, what he really was preventing was the imminent embarrassment that her Christian faith would have caused upon him.  This connotes with my abusive caretakers (my aunt, and her three teenage daughters) of my father’s side of the family—that in fear of their detected possible imminent changes, that would’ve challenged their beliefs in the organization of the Watchtower (of Jehovah’s Witnesses), they began to torture this body; to subside it, control it and eventually, to banish any phrenic roots—along with its autonomous will—that would’ve embarrassed their beliefs.  Their abuse was so extreme, that they prolonged the revoking development(s) of my mental activities, and its phrenic roots from being grounded.  Because of this, my being experienced mental banishment from the outside (outermost) world—and also, IT was in terror to even think a thought, for fear that my aunt could’ve somehow detected mental thought activities, and punish IT for thinking it/them.  At this point, my psychosomatic mental activity fusion was decommissioned from any of its phrenic activities; and therefore, commencing now the automaton alienable Israel, in simulated consciousness].

In continuation of the lore:

As Barbara’s belief became firm, she directed that the builders redesign the bathhouse that her father had planned and directed—adding just one more window in the middle, between the two already constructed, so that the now three windows may have symbolized the Holy Trinity.  But when her father returned, he was enraged at the changes; and became ever more infuriated when he acknowledged that his daughter became a fellow Christian, in hiding.  For this, he then dragged her out before the perfect of the province, who then decreed that she be tortured, and be put to death by beheading.  Dioscorus himself carried out the death sentence.  That on his way back home, he took her to the top of the tower where he also had her bathhouse constructed—tortured her profusely—and that upon after he beheaded her, lightning immediately entered through the middle window that Barbara had instructed to include, and was struck to death instantaneously—that his body was consumed to ashes, in its entirety.

[in the second narrative paragraph, Barbara is condemned for her vows in Christianity, and for changing a constructed design her father previously charged for her bathhouse—especially, that the changes had a Christian dogma connotation to it.  For that, she received torture and death, that was carried out by her own father:  But in return, her father incidentally received, as what was perceived then, divine justice—which was by death as well.  When this automaton alienable body of Israel had continued on, in simulated consciousness, he must’ve received torture from his last job, as mentioned above (in which, my youngest sibling who worked with him, for the same Lefrak’s Towers of America—in separate buildings—had witnessed and verified, that Israel’s coworkers in the George Washington Building, had discriminately harassed him immensely—through the air of walkie-talkies, that is).  No one really knows the severity of the discrimination and harassment that occurred in the building, where he worked behind closed doors; except, for Israel himself—but he’s no more to tell it as it has occurred.  However, it is reasonable and logical that its severity must’ve been great—so severe, that Israel sought out for psychoanalytical help, and was about to sue Lefrak for it—already with legal paper works on the way, with a lawyer.  But the antipsychotic medicines that were prescribed to Israel, was an opportunity for my psychosomatic mental fusion activity, to be reactivated—in which, it was; and my mental active force/soul was then resurrected!  So Israel’s demise, was and still is my rise—and this is where Saint Barbara comes into play with us—in that, Israel’s termination is in connote with Barbara’s beheading—and the lightning bolt, that struck and killed her persecutor and executioner into ashes, connotes with the reactivation of my mental active soul—for Barbara’s father connotes with my former abusive caretakers, that had deactivated my mental hybrid fusion; and therefore, now had to be struck down to ashes, in order so that my psychosomatic fusion itself was allowed to be reactivated—ready to set matters correct as soon as my psychopomp (my psychosomatic shroud) is transformed into the bedrock of my mental active force.  So, in akin to the lightning bolt, all that remain connected with this alienable soma (Israel), must be struck into ashes—regardless of those who may have known Israel, through their perceptions of their own personification(s)].

End of the lore.

The End of Saint Barbara (and The Beginning of Sabiazoth)

In accordance to the legend of Saint Barbara, she has reached her end, and so did the simulated consciousness (Israel).  But her legend lives on regardless—and just like that legend, so is the mindless soma, Israel, that continues with others who were connected with him, in their memories, histories and legal connotations.  His world still exists (but an actual legend, to my being):  And most of his family, that was illegally taken from my own internal citizen mental force, are also now, turned against IT—for even now, most all of them (except for my mother, and my youngest sibling) do not want to have anything to do with my being.  That when they look at this soma, they insist to see Israel, and refuse to acknowledge my own being.

It was now the span to just let them go—and when my psychopomp finally transforms into the roots of my mental active force, the more entrenched things of this alienable soma will be dealt with logically, as well as, appropriately.  My being has come to realize that IT itself is like that lightning bolt in Barbara’s legend, that must strike and destroy all that remain connected with this soma (including all his friends, families and neighbors too, that must be symbolically destroyed into ashes)IT will remove and eradicate all that opposes my being.

So it turns out to be, after all, that my mental active being is not a powerful sorcerer, as Israel was—and IT doesn’t have a lot of friends and families, as Israel had—and IT definitely doesn’t have all the credentials that Israel had—But IT does have its own genuine existence and essence (and of course, its awareness: which is, of the utmost importance), that Israel never had.  And IT does have what Israel never possessed (and that’s, autonomy)—because without an autonomous capacity, Israel was entirely automaton—and that is one thing that Israel couldn’t ever be—was not to govern his own self, and his own life.  So that rightful mental governing force is then my very own mental being: the legal internal—god given citizen—of this outermost soma.  And its name is, Sabiazoth.

For many Gregorian years, ever since my reactivation of my psychosomatic mental fusion force (in 2004), my being has tried to connect with Israel, in so many ways that IT could’ve jab and dab.  IT even tried, for seven years, to practice the Santeria occult like he did—even had built an altar for Saint Barbara, and to other hosts of mythological variable deities—and nothing absolutely happened (except, for spending a lot of money for it—for that kind of stuff is freakin’ expensive!).  My mental active being couldn’t even connect with anything that connoted with Israel and his occult ways—and no matter how hard IT has tried, IT couldn’t even practice divination, spells and conjurations—nothing worked as it did for him—nada!

My being itself was even beginning to think that perhaps everything that the family and friends said about Israel, was just in their imagination(s).  IT has even tried to reason with the rest of his families and friends to see my being for that IT is, but they just wouldn’t accept IT.  And now, up until the Gregorian year of 2018, my being finally gave up in trying to find Israel within its own mental existence and essence—or even to somehow, at least connect with Israel through this alienable soma.  But once IT just stopped trying, everything finally was falling into place(s)—and for once, my being has realized that my rise can’t commence, unless, IT let go of Israel (in other words, let go of all that was and remain connected with him—including his friends and families).  IT has finally realized, that Israel and my being (Sabiazoth) cannot exist simultaneously, in occupancy of the same space and soma.

When my being fully acknowledged what had to finally be done, that’s when all the flourishing of my psychosomatic mental fusion began, to be more set in motion—and finally, IT began to understand itself.  That just trying to salvage what was never mine, was hindering my own phrenic developments.  And now, there’s no stopping IT.

My being has finally realized that saying goodbye to Saint Barbara was never possible—because IT itself never knew her to begin with—like Israel had known her—in simulated consciousness.

If only those who knew Israel, knew for what he really was all about, they would’ve known that he was nothing more than just an automaton soma—who was nonetheless externally controlled by those who believed in the lore of Saint Barbara.  They would’ve realized then, that perhaps a real demon/spirit had most controlled of this soma, in my absence after all—and that Saint Barbara was then real.  But no one ever knew, that she was really there, or here—that she really touched them, healed them—and helped them, also.  No one knew, that Saint Barbara was temporarily not a lore, in this soma—that she actually walked among them as a male—in the flesh.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Tetraspace, Holocycle 15, 12 R.L. E.C. (Solar North)]

[Image(s): Unknown]

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The Incipient Shrouded Active Force (Soul)

Ever since my mental active being has realized and acknowledged, that IT itself has been shrouded since of its own reactivation (resurrection), in October of 2005, my being has been living—not so much in confusion—but more in intangibility with the alienable soma (and, of man).

My being has come to recognize why, that on so many occasions and encounters, the impressions of others were never really effectuated in my invisible, biological, shrouded, active force.  Even though the memories were impacted by many and all, the memories themselves, however, are just solely of the automaton somatic instinctual thought(s).  Which means, that the only thing(s) that were impacted, were the physical instincts—as the automaton impacts of the body—and not as the autonomous impressions toward my shrouded mental activity.

Those who have indirectly come to know my being since of the year 2005, have mostly come to know the automaton body, for even then, up until now, my own mental active being did not know that IT itself was in the shadow of my mental Psychopomp—to have at least informed others about it when we would encounter each other—but that was not so.  And so my being truly apologizes for those who have come to know only the automaton alienable soma, incidentally.

There are some things that others have come to know of my autonomous thought, when they have come to know about them through the automaton thought (that my autonomous thought resides therein, in the shadow)—that are still the same and unchanging.  The following list recognizes the somethings of my autonomous thought, that many have circuitously come to encounter them; and they are:

  • The no-self (the not-I).
  • Devoid of ipseity (e.g., solipsism; selfhood; singularity; idiosyncrasy; etc.).
  • Devoid of the indirect correlation of/to the-Self (e.g., me).
  • The immaculate anego (egoless, that’s chaste to the ego itself).
  • A spatian (a spatial mental being, existing in constancy space experiences).
  • Timeless (devoid of mental continuum existence and experiences).
  • Emotionless (entirely devoid of the figurative heart).
  • Devoid of Morality (e.g., virtue; principle; ethicality; etc.).
  • Devoid of ethnology (e.g., cultural, ethnicity and racial identities; also folklore).
  • Devoid of aphorism (e.g., belief/believe; faith; conviction; etc.).
  • Devoid of axiom (e.g., notion; astrology/horoscope; superstition; irrationalism; etc.).
  • Devoid of subjectivity (e.g., conscience; interpretation; attribution application; etc.).
  • Solely objective (i.e., unbiased translation, mediation, and perception; etc.).
  • Devoid of mentalsoma gender sameness (e.g., man; woman; gay; bi; transgender; etc.).
  • Devoid of mental construct of man derivations (human).
  • Employed with psychosomatic fusionhybrid mental construct (humanoid).
  • Dividualism (e.g., existing in multiple dimensions and aspects, without integration).

The enlisted mental formations and patterns above, have been and still is shrouded—able to be in effectuation, even without roots; and therefore, unable to this day, to be impressed by any leavening and fermentation of man (human) mental formations and languages.  So that even though many have incidentally encountered my being as described and acknowledged above, no one (or no thing) has been able to impress and impact IT with either direct or indirect influences.  This is a little frightening to my being, because when my Psychopomp (the shroud) is transformed into the bedrock of my internal, mental active, and invisible biological force/soul, my shrouded being will no longer exists in the shadow as non-impressionable—IT will finally be exposed, and ready to, not only encounter the-World through the automaton alienable soma; but also, to experience the-World as the uncloaked mental active being.

When the shroud is gone (transformed as the roots of my mental active force-being), there’s no knowing how IT itself will interact with the-World, and with everyone else in it.

For those who may have believed to have known my being personally, and or intimately, IT itself is sorry that it wasn’t so, in all actuality.  One thing for sure, that when the shroud is gone, no one will recognize my being—either personally, or intimately.  This was not intentional, for even now, my being did not know any of this, up until this very span.

May you all have some comprehension of what my being is going through, and either accept or disapprove IT.  But no matter what, the soon to be my non-shrouded mental active-force being, must and will commence.

IT is, that IT is.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Trispace, Holocycle 7, 12 R.L. E.C. (Solar North)]

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From Psychopomp to Bedrock

Most people, when they read about the meaning of “psychopomp,” they tend to immediately relate the word with Grecian/Latin mythology.  According to the Webster American Standard Dictionary, the definition of psychopomp is a person who conducts spirits, or souls, to the other world…[the other side that’s unseen]…, as Hermes Trismegistos, Apollo, or Charon.  But the psychopomp that my being has been experiencing all along, is psychosomatic.  When my infused amorphous, psychosomatic hybrid soul, was reactivated (resurrected) from an almost forty years of deactivation (of mindless brain status), the immaterial-Mind immediately made it into a Psychopomp (e.g., like a guardian and concealer), to shroud in any new effectuated mental activity from the fermentation of the alienable soma, that now my mental active being resides therein—in the shadow.

This normally doesn’t happen, but it did happened to thrice my immaterial-Mind ( the psycho ), my invisible-Mental ( the psychosoma ), and the material-Brain ( the soma ).  In note, to extreme abusive childhood outermost circumstances—at the hands of my caretakers—my active soul (mental activity) was exposed and defenseless because its rootless status was abnormally prolonged.  Due then to that environmental injurious condition(s), this caused my unsteady amorphous phrenic-mass status, to entirely deactivate; and in return, made the brain mindless—for my immaterial-Mind could then no longer access the material-Brain without its infused active psychosoma force.  Now, whatever happened to the brain—after the deactivation of my invisible, biological, active force—is not certain:  However, an invasive psychosoma intruder(s) is possible—but that’s a whole different causality phenomenon that will be discussed in the following articles to come.  This, however, explains why the soma is described as alienable, for it was illegally taken (transferred) from my rightful mental force to someone else, by injurious force.

And now, my Psychopomp is about to transform!  The very first transformation that my being will ever experience in my midmost (internal) area!  Ever since the reactivation (resurrection) of my active rootless mental force (soul), my being has never experienced an internal transformation, as this one is about to soon to occur!  And to my amazement, it is instinctively surprising.  My being had no idea that my Psychopomp is my shadow concealer, and that my mental active being is in that shadow itself, all along, whilst being protected from any leavening of the alienable soma (and, of man).

And now, with much crystallized understanding—in order to allow any, and some, mental effectuation—the Psychopomp had to first stabilize my amorphous phrenic-mass status, whilst still remaining rootless, in shroud.  So that, when sufficed synapses connectivity is effectuated (e.g., when enough understanding and acknowledgements are achieved), the Psychopomp will then automatically transform itself into the bedrock of my psychosomatic mental construct fusion; fully then, activating the psychosomatic infused heterogeneous hybrid—with its mental roots being the majority of psycho, than soma:  So that the direction and manner that my active biological invisible force was formed, was psychologically in reverse, as opposed to identical (in sameness) with the soma.

Therefore, ever since the resurrection of my rootless amorphous mental activity (which was during the Gregorian October, of 2005), and up until my shrouding Psychopomp will transform into the bedrock of my mental active force (which is soon), everything and everyone that my being has encountered has been non-impressionable and non-inscribed to my shrouded rootless active soul.  For now, then, everything and everyone continues to be a part of the automaton somatic memory, of the alienable soma—which means, that no one, or no thing, has been close to my soul, yet—no one.  Everything and everyone is still alienable (distant) thus far.  What a great crystallization!

The immaterial-Mind (with its incorporeal psychical aspect of the-Psyche) is magnificent!  My shrouded being is grateful for my Psychopomp!  For my being is still shrouded, rootless and protected from any impressionable and inscribed fermentation of the alienable soma, and its environmental conditioned entries.  And now that this understanding is crystallized, my being is well disposed of such awareness and acknowledgement—at full active shrouded force.

When my shroud will soon transform—into the bedrock of my very own invisible, biological, mental active soul—my soon to be non-shrouded being will be ready, leery, wary and careful to any entry of the alienable soma; and also, to any invasive leavening impression, of man.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Heptaspace, Holocycle 4, 12 R.L. E.C. (Solar North)]

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My Extroverold Alien (more Crystallized)

To all of my followers, and readers, my mental active being has achieved a much more understanding of IT-self.  So much, that IT is going to have to rewrite many articles, and write more.  If my being seems that IT is more absent in its social media networks, it’s because there’s so much things to do.

My being may have to even delete many articles, so that IT itself can write them “anew,” instead of just rewriting them.  That’s how different this acknowledgment of my dividuality has clearly crystallized.  Now that my constructed mental active being clearly understands, that IT itself is not even of man, to then be considered as a human (of man), IT is more utterly as a definite humanoid (seemingly of man):  IT itself has acknowledged that my mental active being is of the hybrid species.  And not just any hybrid (e.g., an achieved scientific homogeneous hybrid experiments), but more of a mental heterogeneous hybrid (e.g., a hybrid composite of two different heterogeneous aspect and element, but not homogeneous in its mixture; remaining therefore, as a heterogeneous in its fusion).  Confused?  Not when my being will write an article about it.

It is a great and wonderful experience when one knows, in being, the structure of one’s own existential sentient soul (hybrid).  It’s great to be a heterogeneous hybrid species (humanoid, to others).


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Dispace, Dormicycle 28, 12 R.L. E.C. (Solar North)]

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A Space (for A Place)

There is a space for everything, and everything in a place.

A space for a place, and a place for space.
A space for war, and a place to battle.
A space for peace, and a place to be in truce.
A space for fertility, and a place to be fruitful.
A space for desert, and a place to abandon.
A space for alpha, and a place to begin.
A space for omega, and a place to end.
A space for construction, and a place to contract.
A space for destruction, and a place to expand.
A space for sound, and a place to speak.
A space for silence, and a place to keep quiet.
A space for provision, and a place to preserve.
A space for move, and a place to remove.
A space for generation, and a place to copulate.
A space for degeneration, and a place to pollute.

Whatever it is in space, has already been done in any place,
For in a space of wickedness, a place for judgment must be placed.

Hence, there is a space for every activity, but a place to call each activity into account.


[Article Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Trispace, Deutercycle 21, 12 R.L. E.C. (Solar East)]

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Conscious 2 (what Is It?)

conscious 2 (kon she’usnoun)


  • Biological somatic automaton thought, that is purely and solely instinctive.
  • Absolute conditional automaton thought(s), depending on specific kind-species.
  • Conscious (able to automatically instinctively thought-out, without awareness).
  • A misnomer, when conscious 1 is applied as one in the same with the immaterial mind.
  • An instinctual awakened and alerted thought, without awareness (e.g., animal species).
  • Thought as an instinct:  Thought as somatic.
  • Thought, as not a distinct capacity of the-Mind.
  • An instinctive recognizable thought, but no realization to it.
  • An instinctive observant thought, but no insight to it.
  • An instinctive knowledgeable thought, but no acknowledgement to it.
  • An instinctive territorial thought, but no jurisdiction to it.
  • An instinctive personality thought, but no persona to it.
  • An Instinctive memory thought, but no known experience(s) to it.


Related forms




non-con-sci-ousadjective (automaton instincts that are operative without automaton cerebral thought process; e.g., the multicellular small genus fresh water animal, the Hydra, has nerve cells without a well defined cerebral neural brain:  And any unicellular organism; e.g., the Diatom(s), a major group of algae).

un-con-sci-ousadjective (when the cerebral neural brain is in a slumber state from the automaton instinctive thought process—sleep).

half con-sci-ousadjectivehalf con-sci-ous-lyadverb (when the cerebral neural brain is in a simultaneous trance state during slumber, with the automaton instinctive “para-thought” process, and the immaterial mind—dream).

con-sci-ous-nessnoun (conscious, infused with awareness by the-Mind, through the autonomous psychosomatic thought (mental) fusion—pertaining solely to the man species—humans).




Tetraspace, Servacycle 24, 11 R.L. E.C. (Solar North): ENG conscious 2.

Gregorian:  August 16, 2017.


Word Origin & File:


conscious (2)

11 R.L. E.C., acknowledged and produced of Modern ENG, conscious 2 From con (L. prefix con-, meaning with, or together) + scious (L. suffix -scius, meaning having knowledge; but in this case, having automaton, instinctive, and “conditional” knowledgeable thoughts) = conscious (i.e., an automaton state of being with thought and knowledge qualities).  The modern coagulum social state of “collective consciousness,” understands and make applications when combining the concept of conscious as one in the same with the-Mind—or with sentient—or with awareness—which is a definite misnomer.  The matter of the fact is, conscious (which is, automaton thought process) functions without awareness:  Such as with all animal species, that are capable of thought process (awakened and alerted), as well as with memory, but possesses no awareness—they are the species with mindless brains (i.e., conscious, not infused with awareness):  Solely the human species are the ones in possession of mindful brains (e.g., conscious, infused with awareness by the-Mind).  When the automaton somatic conscious is infused with awareness by the-Mind, the conscious is elevated to conscious + ness (O.E. suffix -ness, meaning state, or quality of):  Hence, that the conscious is elevated in the state or quality of awareness—this is only possible by means through the infusion of psychosomatic autonomous thought process—pertaining purely and solely to man species, and not animal species.  If it weren’t for psychosomatic fusion, the-Mind would be unable to infuse conscious with awareness, that is, for the species of man.


[Definition Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Tetraspace, Servacycle 24, 11 R.L. E.C. (Solar North)]

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[Revised: Monospace, Holocycle 5, 12 R.L. E.C. (Solar North) / Gregorian: January 21, 2018]

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Jubiliah (a Story)


[Story Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Monospace, Servacycle 21, 11 R.L. E.C. (Solar North)]

[Image(s): Unknown, but modified by Sabiazoth]

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The Center of the Universe?


[Picture Posted by: Sabiazoth]

[Writing & Concept, Created & Produced by: Sabiazoth]

[Aspaty: Heptaspace, Servacycle 20, 11 R.L. E.C. (Solar North)]

[Image(s): Unknown, but modified by Sabiazoth]

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